Useful Information

Fleet customer business in our Group is coordinated across national borders and brands by the International Fleet Sales Division. Nationally and internationally, this includes all brands in the individual countries that are represented in our Group: Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

In providing this service, our efforts centre primarily on companies with a potential procurement volume of approximately 100 new vehicles a year in at least three countries where Porsche Holding bears market responsibility for the Volkswagen Group and/or with a fleet comprising at least 300 vehicles in those countries.

Of course, we are always happy to assist any company that is a fleet customer with requirements in countries other than its home market. We thus ensure that contact is swiftly made with personnel outside the home markets in question who are both proficient and familiar with the requirements of a fleet customer.

Through our dense sales and service network, we ensure that our organisation is an industry leader in the markets, the aim being to work together to meet a fleet customer's particular requirements in the best way possible.

National fleet customer

A fleet customer is a company and/or group of companies in the country in question that purchases and itself uses a certain number of new Volkswagen Group brand vehicles in that country in a calendar year. In Austria, for example, the necessary quantity is five new vehicles per calendar year.

International fleet customer within the Porsche Holding Group

In the countries served by Porsche Holding Salzburg, we regard as an international fleet customer any company/group of companies that requires roughly 100 new vehicles a year in our countries with market responsibility for the VW Group and/or has a fleet of roughly 300 passenger vehicles in those countries.

International fleet customer at Volkswagen AG

The guideline for international fleet customers of Volkswagen AG is a fleet of around 2,500 vehicles and an annual procurement volume of 300 vehicles. In addition, they should be active and operating their fleet in at least three countries.

In applying these criteria, we assume that the fleet is for own use and will be held by the company/group of companies in question for at least six months from the date of delivery.